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Bereavement Articles

Bearevement Airfares - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Bereavement Announcement - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Bereavement Thank You - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Children and Bereavement - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Parental Bereavement - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Stages of Bereavement - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Sympathy Message - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Words of Sympathy - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Cat Behavior During Bereavement - Sheryl Kaczmarek

Bereavement Poems

What Is Dying? Bishop Charles Henry Brent
Safely Home Author Unknown
All Is Well - Henry Scott Holland
Beyond the Sunset - Author Unknown
Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night - Dylan Thomas
Four Candles for You - Author Unknown
Funeral Blues - W. H. Auden
God Saw - Author Unknown
I Measure Every Grief - Emily Dickinson
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me - Author Unknown
Miss Me But Let Me Go - Author Unknown
My First Christmas in Heaven - Author Unknown
Prospice - Robert Browning
The Comfort of Friends - William Penn
The Rose Beyond The Wall - A. L. Fink
To My Dearest Family - Author Unknown
To Those I Love And Those Who Love Me - Author Unknown

Untitled - Author Unknown
When You Feel Lonely - Author Unknown
When I Am Gone- Author Unknown

Inspirational Song Lyrics

My Way
We Are The Champions
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Remember The Dream
What The Soul Sings
What A Wonderful World
The Power Of The Dream
Whatever We Imagine
Healing Begins
I Believe I Can Fly

Your Inspirational Thoughts
Inspirational Story From Visitors
Inspirational Poems From Visitors

Bereavement Verses

Inspirational Videos
Inspirational Hugs Videos
Kindness Videos
Inspirational Speeches Videos
Inspirational Dreams Videos

Celebration of Life Articles

Bereavement Prayer
    A Prayer - Max Ehrmann
    The 23rd Psalm - King James Version
    The 23rd Psalm - New Living Bible Translation
Celebration of Life Memorial - Sheryl Kaczmarek
    Garden Stones - Sheryl Kaczmarek
    Memorial Benches - Sheryl Kaczmarek
    Stepping Stones - Sheryl Kaczmarek
    Memorial Tree - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Celebration of Life Parties - Sheryl Kaczmarek
Celebration of Life Services - Sheryl Kaczmarek

Christmas Inspirational Poems

Christmas Fancies-Ella Wheeler Wilcox
A Puppy's Christmas-Author Unknown
The Gift-Written by an Unknown Marine
The Three Kings - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Christmas Bells-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Twelve Days of Christmas - Author Unknown
A Bell - Clinton Scollard
At Christmas - Edgar Albert Guest
Back Home with Us for Christmas - Emily Burton
Christmas Carol - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Hang Up the Babys Stocking - Emily Huntington Miller
Mistletoe - Walter de la Mare
The Christmas Gift Poem - Author Unknown
The Night Before Christmas - Samual Clemens

Inspirational Friendship Poems

Old Friends - Edgar Albert Guest
A Friend is Like... - Emma Guest
A Time to Talk - Robert Frost
May Our Friendship Last Forever - Nicholas Gordon
On Friendship - Kahlil Gibran
The Gift - Margaret E. Bruner
We Have Been Friends Together - Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
Friendship - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Be A friend - Edger Guest
To Thine Own Self Be True - Author Unknown
I Have Some Friends - Robert William Service
Everyone Needs Someone - Helen Steiner Rice
Confide In A Friend - Author Unknown

Inspirational Life Quotes

Famous Inspirational Quotations by Men
Funny Inspirational Quotes
Famous Inspirational Quotations By Women
Free Inspirational Quotes
Funny Inspirational Quotes 2
Inspirational Bible Quotes
Great Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Poems

A Night-Piece-William Wordsworth
Desiderada-Max Erhmann
A Time To Believe - B. J. Morbitzer
Colour - Adeline White 
I Wandered Lonely - William Wordsworth 
Lines Written In Early Spring - William Wordsworth
Tall Trees - Eileen Mathias
The Acorn - Katharine Tynan 
The Earth and Man - Stopford Brooke
The Joy of a Garden - Gail Brook Burket
The Little Things That Happen - Marjorie Wilson 
The Power of One - Author Unknown
Save Me Help Me - Douglas Edward
Miracles - Douglas Edward
Laughter - Douglas Edward

Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

Inspirational Thoughts
Inspirational Thoughts 2
Cowboy Wisdom-Author Unknown
Inspirational Quotes for Women by Men
Inspirational Quotes for Women by Women
Inspirational Text Messages
Short Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Short Stories 

Living and Working-Author Unknown
Vitamin F-Author Unknown
And Then It Is Winter-Author Unknown
The Burnt Biscuit-Author Unknown
Someday Author Unknown
Older Than Dirt-Author Unknown
Growing Up Or Growing Old-Author Unknown
Puppy Size-Author Unknown
Life Explained-Author Unlnown
The Difference Between Rich and Poor-Author Unknown
Remember Those Who Serve-Author Unknown
Growing Old Isn't What It Used To Be Author Unknown
The Obstacles In Our Path-Author Unknown
Know The Cleaning Lady -Author Unknown
The Pickle Jar- Author Unknown
Hear The Music- Author Unknown
Is Packaging Important to You? - Author Unknown
A Carrot, an Egg and a Cup of Coffee - Author Unknown
A Determined Spirit - Author Unknown
A Red Marble - Author Unknown
Christmas Day in the Morning - Pearl S. Buck
Echo of Life - Author Unknown
Every Winner Has Scars - Author Unknown
Gift of the Magi - O. Henry
Growing Good Corn - Author Unknown
Hang On To Each Other - Author Unknown
Happiness Is a Journey - Copyright1997 Crystal Boyd
How The Little Kite Learned to Fly - Author Unknown
One Thin Dime – Author Unknown
Positive Attitude - Author Unknown
Rain Washed - Author Unknown
Sioux Indian Story - Author Unknown
The Cracked Pot - A Parable by Author Unknown
The Crow and the Pitcher - an Aesop Fable
The Most Beautiful Flower - Cheryl L. Costello-Forshey
Three Builders - Author Unknown
Wealth, Success and Love - Author Unknown
What Christmas Is As We Grow Older - Charles Dickens
Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus - Editorial Page, New York Sun, 1897; Editor Francis P. Church
If I Had My Life To Live Over-Erma Bombeck
A Little Bit of Joy Author Unknown
The Brick-Author Unknown

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