Celebration of Life

Celebration of life can mean many things and be expressed in different ways for different people.

It honors the ceremonies and relationships within our lives. The birth of a child, marriage to the love of your life, new inner growth and change…are all opportunities to bring people together.

These are the things that make up the fabric of our lives.

Celebration Of Life

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A Life

This is also a phrase used to honor the life of a person no longer with us; a remembrance of one who has passed.

In this case the event helps us feel closer to our loved one, to share how our loved one touched our lives and learn how they touched other lives as well.

It’s also an attitude. It is about being grateful for what life has given you, the people who came into your life and the people who have left your life.

All people you meet leave an imprint on the fabric of your life.


A celebration allows for the milestones important to us to be recognized. The big events, as well as the lesser ones should be included.

Often we hear that it is the little things that matter the most. The largeness or smallness of what is to be honoured is up to you. A party might be in order when the braces come off. Or for securing that first summer job during high school. Or even to honour the first day of Summer.

As life events unfold, they become rich with colour and unique pattern. These are the special times that we observe.

These events also make up the pattern of our very existence and serve as reminders of the struggles and joys experienced by our loved one who has passed. 

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