To Thine Own Self Be True

Two glass of red wine beside a Christmas tree

Two glasses of red wine beside a Christmas tree

Inspirational Friendship Poem

To Thine Own Self Be True

Sharing your love with others, each day,
Is like pouring a full glass of water.
You fill a glass for mom and dad
For your children; sons and daughters.

You fill a special glass for the one you hold dear -
A glass for siblings; for your friends without end -
For colleagues at work, your buddies at play -
Special glasses for all your internet friends.

By the end of day you feel content,
For you know you have shared your love.
When the sun finally sets, you quickly fall asleep
Beneath the heavenly stars and moon above.

With the rising sun you awaken again,
Embracing a new adventurous day.
You gather your pitcher with glasses to fill
For special friends you meet along the way.

But then one day, through weary eyes,
You see your pitcher has finally run dry.
For the many glasses you have nary a drop
And in exhaustion you sit down and sigh . . .

"My pitcher is empty, what to do now?
How do I get my pitcher refilled?"
Suddenly an angel appears; whispers softly in my ear,
"Sit back, relax, and for the moment be still."

"You have shared your love, and of that I am pleased.
But, you gave more than your pitcher contained.
I'll tell you the secret to continue your path,
But you must listen while I try to explain.

Refilling your pitcher is a must-needed task,
To be completed before you run dry.
It doesn't take long, you can do it at will -
But before the tears begin to form in your eyes.

Without love for yourself, you have nothing to give -
For it has been said, "Do unto others as yourself"
You must take the time to take care of you,
To maintain your strength, your well-being and health.

Be good to yourself; "To thine own self be true",
For then each day your pitcher will be filled.
You can then carry on with love to be shared
As new friends and relationships continually build."

Author Unknown

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