The following poems are by Douglas Edward Used With Permission.

Sunset over Hawaii with clouds and sky

Free Inspirational Poems


Laughter helps the heart.
Laughter helps the mind.
Laughter helps in every part.
Laughter helps us to unwind.

Much Hope

With hope keep the heart filled.
A joyful heart is God willed.
We find hope as we pray.
We can live in much hope, in everyday.

Continually Push

Praise God for a day anew.
Enjoy the things that you can do.
Ahead is to pursue.
Continually, push the bad times through.
Experience, the Holy Bible so true.

In Heaven

Blessed is the Light.
Love is so right.
In heaven we will delight.
Saved, in death there is no fright.
Souls forgiven, are always in God's sight.


Laughter is to be heard.
Onward is preferred.
Victories have occurred.
Enlightened is the word.


Hopefulness is the key.
Open hearts are to be.
Praying is free.
Eternity in heaven, is to see.

Content Life

On blissful things dwell.
Bad thoughts immediately quell.
A key to a content life:
A blessing comes from every strife.

Hope Galore

God gives us peace.
God gives us life that will never cease.
God gives us love and much more.
God gives us love, galore!

Be Brave

As we live everyday be strong!
Be brave as we move along!
Be bold, as by the Spirit we are being led!
Be courageous, as we move ahead!

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