Press Acknowledgement

Following a bereavement, a press acknowledgement may be helpful, to thank people who helped you and your family through your sad time. Very few people in my opinion, expect a reply to a sympathy card, a wreath, hug or a gentle rub of a back.

You may wish to send a personal reply at a later date, so maybe an announcement in your local paper will help until you are ready to communicate.

It also acknowledges the invisible people who act without reward or attention, but who without them things would not have happened.

Here are some examples.

Newspaper Notice Examples

The family of the late ___________, wish to extend their thanks to all who helped and for the support given at the time of the loss of our dear (Mother) (Father) (Grandmother) (Grandfather) etc.

Special thanks to __________ , _____________, and all who traveled to be with us at this sad time.


______ , ______ , (Family Names)  The family of the late ______ , wish to express their sincere gratitude to everyone who showed them sympathy on their recent sad bereavement.

Our thanks to all our extended families, relations, neighbours and friends, who showed, helped and supported us, prior to and after the funeral. In so many different ways, for which we are really appreciative.

Thank you to the medical staff, Doctors, Nurses who attended, and treated _____________ with dignity.

To the many others who helped with the service, to make it truly memorable.

As it will be impossible to thank all those concerned individually, please accept this press acknowledgement as a token of our heartfelt appreciation.

A donation has been made to ____________ as a thank you.

A service has been arranged with you in mind at ___ on ___ .


The family of the late ________ , would like to express sincere thanks for the support and sympathy they received after the sad loss of ____ .

As it would be currently, impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our appreciation.


The family of the late ______ , would like to express their sincere gratitude for all the wonderful people who were there and helped during our period of mourning.

As a token of our appreciation a donation has been made on your behalf to ________.

Thank you.


Be Inspirational

To loose you was


and time and

time again,

We've tried to find a


But no one can explain,

Life and death holds


But nothing is

for sure,

We loved you then,

we love you now,

and we'll love

you for ever more.


If roses grow in


Lord please pick a

bunch for me.

Place them in

(Name)_____ arms

and tell her

They are from me.

Tell her I love and

miss her

and when she

turns to smile,

Place a kiss upon her

cheek and hold her

For a while


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