Inspirational Thoughts 2

Inspirational Thoughts 2, are thoughts on things that I observe in everyday life. Some of the things I come across are not all that inspiring. But I find a way to view the event in a positive way, often by taking another look at it.

Enjoy reading a few inspirational thoughts with me, and perhaps add your own.



I held a moment in my hand, brilliant as a star, fragile as a flower, a tiny silver of one hour, I dipped it carelessly, Ah! I didn't know, I held opportunity.
--quote on Carpe Diem by Hazel Lee

This is one of my favorite quotes. The beautiful words give me a feeling that is hard to describe. A bit of saddness may be one feeling.

I think real opportunities that are right for a person do not come all that often. Being able to recognize something as an opportunity, without letting it slip away, is most difficult.

Not all of the opportunities that come my way are big ones. Some are very small, but an opportunity, non the less.

There are a number of times that I should/could have acted on something, but for some reason let the moment pass without action. It is not always easy to look back and know that I should have done something. Often it is a little feeling in the back of my mind.

All opportunities do not always present themselves openly. There are times when I must help make them happen.

I do not remember all of the opportunities that 'got away'. But I remember a few of them.

I am sure that many opportunities will present themselves to me, and I am just as sure that many will be lost. But I will try to capture as many of them as I can.


I Like Rabbits

Inspirational Thoughts 2

brown rabbit

When my kids were young, they each had a little rabbit to care for. We gave the rabbits away after summer was over.

Later, we had a family rabbit that everyone took care of. She was big and white with pink eyes. She lived in an outside cage. When a member of the family went to her cage, she came out of her house. She knew the difference between a family member and a stranger. She has been gone for quite awhile now.

This past summer we have been over run by rabbits. They were everywhere. Usually I only see rabbits at dusk or dawn. Not this year. The rabbits are out in the open at all times of the day. I think that it is unusual to see them in the afternoon. But I see them all the time.

This is the first year that rabbits have been a nuisance in the garden. They have eaten all of the cabbage type things that were planted. When there was very little left of the cabbages, they would eat something else. This left the plants a chance to grow back a bit. The rabbits returned to eating the plants when they started to grow again.

Not much we could do about that situation.........or was there??

I found a few pieces of rabbit fencing that we had used to protect other plants in the yard. I circled a few cabbage plants in each piece of the fence. The plants sprung back to life almost immediatly!

Now we can coexist with the rabbits once again. They are not too interested in the other garden veggies. So for now, all is well.



Inspirational Thoughts 2

Change you ask? Is change good? Do you look forward to change in your life, your work, your relationships?

Most people probably do not. I like the old and familiar. In some things. Sometimes. It is safe and I do not have to do anything to make it happen. It just is.

Yet, I have gotten used to change. I now realize that change is a good thing. For me, it means that something in me has changed, to cause other parts of my life to change.

My surroundings mirror what is happening inside of me.

I can give you an example;

I used to be shy. Well into my adult life. I would never think to talk to someone that I did not know.

Than I started to work on that shyness. I was tired of it. I had dragged it around for too long. I needed to get my confidence up and running. That took a bit of work, but it was time for a change.

I now talk to strangers. It is not as difficult for me as it once would have been. Other things have changed for me as well. Things that were a result of the changes in me.


Value System

Inspirational Thoughts 2

I know of a person, that has not made the best choices in his life. He does things selfishly and does not take into consideration how his actions affect other people.

A few people that he has done business with, have lost money and future business, as a result of his actions.

I used to try to avoid him, as I felt that we did not share the same values.

Then I got to thinking.....everyone learns whatever they need to learn, differently than another person.

Some people learn by reading, others by looking at illistrations, still others by listening to someone speak or by doing a task.

Maybe he is growing and learning, but not in the way that I am used to. And the people that he does business with...I am pretty sure that they are learning something also.


A Friend

Inspirational Thoughts 2

I have a friend who had lost her job awhile ago. I have not seen her for about two years. The job was stressful for her.

During the time she was working, she was a very heavy smoker. And a bit underweight. I ran into her the other day. She was more at peace with herself and said that she had quit smoking over a year ago. She had gained a few pounds, and said that she felt great. Soon she will begin training for another type of work. There was a possible job offer upon completion of the training.

I don't imagine that positive change takes place in a person, without a lot of searching inside. When something weighs you down, such as a job that you do not like, it can be a very freeing expierence to be let go of it.

You can now let go of other things that do not serve you at this time.


It Will Never Happen

Inspirational Thoughts 2

How often have you heard the phrase, 'It will never happen'? I used to hear it a lot.

A long time friend ended most of her conversations that way. No matter what she was talking about, she would follow up with the phrase, 'It will never happen'. Even when it was about something good or positive that possibly could happen.

And do you know, not much happened that was good or positive in her life.

I began to get annoyed by her use of this phrase, and I pointed it out to her. I do not think she was aware that she said it so often.

This is a very limiting way to express anything that you would like to see happen in your life.


Tulip Field

Something Beautiful

Inspirational Thoughts 2

Do you notice what is around you? The trees and how they change with the seasons, and sometimes how they change each day. Or the structure of a building, how the lines intersect to make a pleasing picture. How about the curve of a walkway that is lined with colorful flowers and shrubs?

The beauty can be more than what you see with your eyes. All of the sences can be involved. You can smell the wonderfulness of an herb garden. You can listen to an outdoor summer concert. You can feel the warm sun of your face on a cold day. You can taste love in the food that someone prepared for you.

I try to notice something beautiful each day. The 'something' that I notice may not be beautiful to someone else, but it is for me. It is usually something ordinary that grabs my attention. And it may be something that I have seen many times before.

Each of us preceives beauty slightly different from another person. That in itself is a beautiful thought.

I make a concious decision to find something beautiful each day. And the more that I so this, the more beautiful things I notice.

No matter what your circumstance, whatever is happening in your life, or how busy you are, try to look for one thing that you think is beautiful.

Other beautiful things may follow.


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