Inspirational Hugs Videos

Inspirational hugs videos are filled with actions that bring people closer together.

To hug someone, is to show that you care for them, that you connect with them on some level. A hug can be as powerful for the giver as well as for the receiver.

A hug can be as moving as words, or replace them completely. How many times have you met up with family that you had not seen in awhile, or old friends and shared a hug with them instead of words? The hug said it all.

Hugs are wonderfully theraputic, as you will see in the following videos.


My all time favorite hug video is this one, titled "Free Hugs Campaign." I have watched it many times, and it does not get old for me. Feel the love increase, as the hugs spread.

Animals have their own way of hugging and keeping close to each other. In this video 'Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten', you will see that cats know how to hug and keep their young ones close.

Did you ever hear of speed hugging? This man is very good at it. He hugged 7,777 people in 24 hours. All for a good cause. Pretty incredible!

This is a precious video of a sister and brother who have fun and enjoy each other.

Hugs can make a difference in the world. Imagine the effect a hug can have on someone's life! Hugs convey many things, as this video will show.

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