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Within these inspirational speeches videos, are thoughts, concepts and examples that are there to inspire greater success in all areas of our life. Be inspired to do the the possible and the impossible.



In this speech by Randy Pausch, is the inspirational message to go after the things that are important to you. He is not talking about wealth or physical comforts, but of things that you cannot see, such as love, hope and joy.

Steve Jobs tells three stories from his past that helped to shape his future life. At the time, the events seemed to be the worst thing possible to happen to him. Steve found a way to turn things around and make them positive.

This inspiring speech was presented to the United Nations by a girl. Within this speech is the challenge for all of us to do better, in everything that we do.


This video is filled with little pieces of the most inspirational speeches of all time.


Jack Canfield reminds us that the way that we view events in our lives, has everything to do with what happens in our lives.

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