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Do you see things in your everyday life that inspire you? Would you like to share that bit of inspiration with others?

Your thoughts do not need to be a full story. A thought can be something that inspires you in a big or small way. It can be something that you see on a daily basis or an event that you notice once.

A thought of inspiration may at first appear to be something that is not at all inspiring in any way. Upon a second look, you are able to see that hidden gem that was missed at first glance. And then, you are grateful and filled with inspiration at how things turned out.

At times, I go through something, and it does not go as planned or the way that I would have liked it to go. I take a step back and look at what happened, usually at a later time. I see things a bit differently then. The actual outcome is better than I would have planned it to be. This turns into an an inspired thought.

Share that hidden gem of inspiration with others.

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Sweet Science 
THIS IS MY VERSE. In boxing, when a fighter is showing all the proper skills in the ring you will hear the term, he is practicing the "sweet …

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