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The sharing of inspirational story from visitors can inspire other people, as it inspired you. Reading a beautiful story can revive a weary spirit.

At times, when feeling low on energy, I can read something inspirational, and be completely transformed. My outlook changes, my confidence soars, and I am revitalized.

Stories that inspire and motivate people, simply by being read, are great.

If you would like to share an original, inspirational story, you can do it here. I would be pleased to publish it. Other people may get a much needed lift, or be inspired to undergo a transformation of their own. That is the beauty of the written word.

Enjoy the stories, and take what you can from them.

Please be inspired to share your story. And thank you for sharing.

You can be annoynomus, or receive full credit.

All of the submissions will be read before they will be published on this site. At times, a slight editing will be done for better readability.

It is best to type your story into a word document such as Notepad. Get it just the way you want it, than copy and paste it to the form.

If you would like to submit an original inspirational poem, please click here.

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God, Please take care of my dog 
"Our 14-year-old dog Abbey died last month. The day after she passed away my 4-year-old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed …

Doctor Patient Role Reversal and A Great Lesson, Part Two 
The doctor's name, his clothes, his dignity - all stripped off....All to save Uncle Jim. But Uncle Jim didn't seem to care. He was not an easy man to …

Doctor Patient Role Reversal and A Great Lesson, Part One 
My great uncle Jim was a very difficult man and an even more difficult hospital patient. But a lot of his bad temper and his irritating comments were due …

Guinea Pig Love 
©Copyright by Jeannette Gardner (March, 2012) I never really knew how smart guinea pigs are, and that they can actually have you wrapped around their …

Miracle By Chance 
©Copyright - by Jeannette Gardner (December, 2007) A Story of Love Destined to Be! I wrote this true story hoping that there is hope for people …

by John Paul Carinci (1998 article appeared in Kinder Files magazine) Although it has been over twenty years, I can still remember my first year in …

AFFIRMATIONS that will change your life!: 
Today I begin my new life. The old life of mediocrity, compromise, and weariness has been laid to rest. Today I am born anew, with all the enthusiasm of …

Louis took her home 
My mother was my rock, no nonsense but loving non the less. At 82 years old she still considered herself a "tough old bird" and she was, until we found …

The Light Went Out 
"Ashes to ashes," the preacher described. All that I could think about was that my grandmother Lada was gone. Her and I used to have some fun. Grandma …

Barb - Hospice Nurse 
I have a hero…my niece Barb. Barb is a hospice nurse in an inpatient hospice facility. I think it truly takes a special person to be able to work in …

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