Garden Stones

Garden stones serve a similar purpose as stepping stones. They keep our thoughts close to those we love.

The stones are very versatile. They can be used in areas that would not be suitable for a flat stone.

They can be made of resin or natural rock and have a more natural rock shape.

They can be used on a corner, in a flower bed, or as part of a memorial setting in a quiet area.

Placement of greenery or flowers can be added to create an aesthetically pleasing visual with your stone at its centerpiece.

These can be a loving reminder for a special pet or person. Imagine whilst doing a spot of gardening, coming across a name or a date, or even your own family favorite quote. Then taking the time to ponder and reflect. Priceless.

Inscriptions for Stones

Many stones come with an inscription or verse. A more personal message, verse or name can be added to some stones.

All kinds of loving thoughts,verses and sayings can be added if this service is available.

Some inscriptions follow;

  • In God's keeping.
  • Loved and remembered every day.
  • Safe in the arms of Jesus.
  • Sunset and evening stars.
  • In heavenly love abiding.
  • Those we love don't go away,
    They walk beside us every day.
  • Although we are apart
    Your spirit lives within my heart.
  • Sadly missed,
    Lovingly remembered.
  • Remembering you,
    As time goes by.
Inspirational Words For Garden Stones

A serene forest with the sun shining through the trees

No Outdoor Place For A Garden Stone?

When logistics make having a stone outdoors impossible, bring it indoors.

Almost any place that is pleasing to you will be appropriate for the display placement. You can incorporate it into a grouping of pictures and/or plants.

It can be used near a soothing tabletop water fountain with the addition of plants for a soothing “getaway."

The stone or stones can also be placed on your entrance porch among plants and seating arrangements. They are small enough that you can use several in a display.

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