Memorial Tree

Large and beautiful tree with purplr leaves

Large and beautiful tree with purple leaves
Memorial Tree

A specially planted tree in loving memory, is a living tribute to your loved one, passed.

Selecting the tree of love, finding the perfect location for it, digging the ground and finally caring for the tree has everything to do with staying connected to our memories.

Choosing the tree that best represents your memories of your loved one can be a heart warming experience that will draw you closer to those memories.

Locating the prefect spot for your tree involves much thought and consideration – will you view the tree from the breakfast nook in the morning light? Or will it be visible from your back porch under the setting sun?

Family members and friends can take part in planting the tree. You can even combine a celebration party as part of your memorial in planting the tree.

The event can be a time to share loving thoughts and dear memories with family and friends.

Don’t Have Space For A Tree?

A walkway in the city park I often visit is lined with trees. Names of the loved ones are on a plaque at the base of the tree, as well as the donor’s name. Loved one’s names are kept alive for all who walk the path to see.

When planting a tree in a public place such as a park, there might be suggestions as to what would be the best tree for that location.

You can contact your city council or county board to see what entails placing a tree of love in one of these more public places

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