Celebration of Life Parties

Celebration of life parties can be themed around anything, for honoring anyone. The celebration of life party is only limited by one's imagination.

There is no time limit for the celebration to take place. In some instances, the loss of a loved one in a cold, snowy climate, may make it difficult for guests to attend. Due to weather or distance to travel, the party may not occur for some time.The life celebration may take place in milder weather, when it is easier to gather.

A life celebration party can be as simple as a quiet gathering of people who are of the same mind, or it can be organized with speakers and a party atmosphere.

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Touched By Illness

The person of honor may be living and attend the party.

She may be someone who has made it through a lengthly illness. Now is the time to celebrate the miracles of life and to be surrounded by people who care and love as much as you do.

The caregivers and support people may also be honored, as they have had a part in illness recovery. Overcoming an illness often involves a team of dedicated family, friends and professionals.

Or, celebration of life parties can be held for someone who is facing a terminal illness. The time can be for loving people to gather and share stories of how the person touched their lives.

This can be a time to talk about their life, and what they have learned. It is also a time for passing on life lessons.

A celebration party, allows for good-byes and closure. People come together, who may not have opportunity, otherwise.

The honored guest may have ideas as to who to invite, the type of music to be played and other details.

Honored Guest

At a time, I went to a Celebration Party of a local official in our small town. He was facing the last days of a terminal illness. As he was well known and held in high esteem, the gathering was held in a public place. The honored person was present, as well as his family. Everyone was invited.

There was a slide show throughout the event featuring family and community pictures. There were tears and smiles to share. The community had come together to honor this man.

Celebrate One Who Has Passed

Celebration of life parties are also to honor the life of someone no longer with us.

We honor them for all the things that they have given us, and shared with us. And for all the wonderful memories that they leave with us.

As a person's life has ended, we like to hold on to what they have meant to us. The gathering of all the things dear to them, keeps us close.

Their life accomplishments, big and small, their affect on family and community, and their personal philosophy are all celebrated.

Ideas for Celebration of Life Parties

Here are some ideas to assist with planning a celebration.

* The celebrants can meet at a private home, a hall, restaurant, park –where ever is appropriate for the gathering. Do not over look the more untraditional places to meet. A bowling alley would be appropriate, if the honored one, loved to bowl.

* Speeches can be planned and prepared, or be informal with guests speaking as they are moved to do so. The speeches may take place all at one time, or be interspaced throughout the celebration.

* A memory table may hold objects that were loving symbols of their life. Hobbies and collectables can be displayed as well as other things they loved or had a passion for. Pictures of family and friends and pets are also to be included.

* Music that had meaning, or was well liked by the honored guest may be played. Perhaps there may be uplifting or comforting music that would be appropriate. Songs that remind the guests of their loved one might be fitting also.

* Party favors might be as simple as packets of seeds for the guests to take home for planting. As the plants grow, the loving memories continue to grow.

Other favors might be copies of favorite poems or verse, or original writings, to be placed at each table setting. Still other favors may be small bags of candies or favorite recipies that were loved.

* A slide show or video may be played throughout the event. The photos do not all have to be of a serious nature. Some can be whimsical or amusing. These can be made up of contributions from extended family and friends.

* A guest book should be available for all attending to sign. Words of comfort and comments can be written if there is space in the guest book to hold them.

* Another idea is to hand out small blank notebooks for the guests to share a story and return to the family at a later time. The family may want to compile the stories into a booklet for all to read and as a memoriam to the deceased.

This would be a loving tribute for the family to see how their loved one has touched others.

* Food served could be something the celebrant loved to eat. The food could range anywhere from a full meal, to food enjoyed on a special vacation, or be a simple dessert table.

Guests may be asked to contribute a dish or dessert that they knew the celebrant enjoyed. A guest may bring their own favorite dish to the celebration party also.


This is a loving event to honor someone who has passed. It is also a way for the guests to connect with each other and share their memories.

Celebration of life parties are only limited by your imagination, your resources, and the type of celebration that you would like to have.

You may be interested in a Celebration Of Life Service. This is also known as a Memorial Service.

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