Kindness Videos

In these kindness videos, you will see the many different types of kind acts that are out there. Kindness is like a gentle breeze, easily moving from one person to another. When an act of kindness comes to us, it is hard not to pass it on.


Kindness is its own reward. Have you ever heard this before? Kindness from one to another has a way of spreading from person to person. In this video, a kindness circle is created, and everyone is included. This video is a bit long, but well worth watching.

Kindness is just one of many attributes of the human race. It is something that pulls us all together and keeps us connected. The more conscious we are, the easier it is to be kind.

What would it be like to give gifts to others with no conditions, just for the sake of doing so? What would it feel like to be the recipient of a gift of kindness? Watch this video to find out.

Is kindness something that you do automatically? Do you have to think about being kind? Kindness is a choice, as you will see in this video.

Sometimes kindness takes a bit of courage to get it going. But if you stick with it, soon it flows with its own energy. This video makes me smile.

Have you ever tried to be kind to someone, but your actions were misunderstood? Watch this video and see that kindness comes in all kinds of unexpected ways.

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