Celebration of Life Memorial

A celebration of life memorial honors the memory of someone who has touched our lives.

It offers us a place for our light of love to shine through. It opens a place in our heart that brings our thoughts close to those who are no longer with us.

Man lifting his arms to the twilight sky

Man lifting his arms to the twilight sky

Memorials are more than a remembrance of loss. They are a remembrance of the loved one who has passed and are a reminder to celebrate, with joy, the life of that person. A memorial allows us to rejoice in the memory of our loved one and help keep that memory alive.

Memorials and ways to remember loved ones have been around for many years, and are used by nearly all cultures. Monuments have been errected to remember people throughout history. These monuments ensure that one will never be forgotten; that they will have a permanent way to be honored for their life achievements, big or small.

Memorials and monuments are also for the living. They provide a visual place of comfort, where memories can be especially strong.

A memorial allows us to feel close to the loved one even after they have passed from our lives, to feel at peace and heal from the loss we suffer.

There are endless choices for honoring a loved one.

The most common celebration of life memorial is the headstone, or grave marker, which is usually inscribed with the name, birth date and date of death of the deceased. In addition, there may be a favorite verse or passage inscribed into the headstone or grave marker as well. A family nick-name may also be incorporated into the headstone.

Whatever memorial you choose, weather it be with a memorial tree, in which a living tribute grows and flourishes, or a pathway of stepping stones, that beautify any outdoor setting, they will all be connections to your loved one.

If there is not a space for a path memorial, perhaps garden stones may be used. They take up less space, and can be moved to different locations.

A quiet spot for reflection can be spent on a memorial bench. This tribute is not only a visual reminder of someone no longer with us, but will enhance any outdoor setting.

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