AFFIRMATIONS that will change your life!:

by John Paul Carinci
(Staten Island, NY )

The Power Of Being Different

The Power Of Being Different

Today I begin my new life. The old life of mediocrity, compromise, and weariness has been laid to rest. Today I am born anew, with all the enthusiasm of a child. For as a child, I was going to conquer the world. Today I will replace the old with the new, and the new will slowly become habit through daily repetition.

With the new Power Ideas that I have learned, I will be successful. For now on, I know why many fail and I will avoid that road filled with pits of failure. Never again will I feel pity for myself, for now I realize I have all I need to change my life for the better. I understand now that I have so much more than many others who have debilitating impairments, who achieve greatness many times despite severe obstacles.

Never again will I follow the followers in life. For now I know that I can lead the way. And even though I may take wrong turns, never again will I be deterred. I now know so much more. Even Thomas Edison had more than 10,000 mistakes before achieving his great invention of the light bulb. Failure will never again intimidate or depress me, rather it will be my steppingstone to victory. For now, I understand that victory is always near the end of the journey, not within the first few steps. I will push on. I will rise to the occasion. Each new day will be the best day of my life, and the world will take notice and admire this new attitude.

From this day forward, I will be sure to spread this new positive attitude in all I do and for all others to see, feel, and sense. I know it is far better to wear a protective armor made out of motivation and a positive disposition, which will repel all negativity. And in return, I will allow the subconscious, the more powerful part of my brain to absorb and retain only positive motivating thoughts, which it will send back out like the beacon of a lighthouse. The bible says: “Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall open. For the one who asks will always receive.”

Are we not what we eat? And do we not become and achieve what we think? Never again will I allow others to sense negativity from me. The world is full of pessimistic individuals, preaching doom and gloom. I choose a better way to live. There are so many others, departed and living, who have believed in me as someone special. Do I not owe it to them, myself and my creator to accomplish greatness? For my enthusiasm and charisma will spur positive actions and responses from others. I now know that a positive attitude is contagious. I will forever lift the attitudes of all that I meet, knowing full well that when I help another - I help myself.

Always, and from this day on – I will love all people whom I meet each day, no matter how they treat or react to me. How can I love myself without loving all others first? For now I am aware that I am the greatest living miracle that my newborn mind was first exposed to. I know now that my odds at being born and winding up with my exact personality were millions to one. So, I will love all of God’s other miracles as I love myself. Always, will I show my love to others, looking for the good, the gold inside of everyone. Because I now know every human being has good inside of him, though, sometimes, hidden. I also know that showing my love first will bring forth love out of others. Just as an animal studies a human’s eyes, looking for danger, friend or foe, all whom I have eye contact with will study me for love, hatred, despair, sadness or fear. I will project only love.

Now that I possess these Power Ideas, I will motivate myself each day onward to success. Never again will I allow others to keep me down. I will arise each morning with renewed energy and confidence, eager to unwrap that special gift of a new day. I will push on harder when others give up. And I will move to the top like heavy cream, rich in texture, with my convictions. I vow to always consume positive uplifting thoughts, but if I should wander, as I may, I will quickly get back on track. Do we not watch what our bodies consume? Is it not paramount to feed our minds, which controls our bodies – only the purest, most uplifting, enthusiastic thoughts?

Now I realize that like the bodybuilder developing his body, I must maintain my greatest asset - my mind. And I now vow to feed that mind inspiration and motivation, through books, tapes, and actions. My mind must stay in shape like the muscles of the bodybuilder. And I also realize that I am different from others. But I will never act as though I am better than another. For no one is ever better than anyone else, just different – through attitudes, personality, inspiration, thoughts, and enthusiasm. I will be successful; it’s inevitable, because my aggressiveness will create opportunities for my success.
c- 2005 John Paul Carinci

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Powerful Words
by: Sheryl Kaczmarek

John, thank you for your very powerful words. A part of life is to uncover who we are. As we grow and change, our life expierences reflect what we have learned.
Thank you for sharing your inspired words.

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