Miracle By Chance

by Jeannette Gardner

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

©Copyright - by Jeannette Gardner (December, 2007)

A Story of Love Destined to Be!

I wrote this true story hoping that there is hope for people to find their true love, like I was very fortunate to find with the help of the Internet. I was 51 when I found him in an unusual kind of "fairy tale". It's never too late to find your "soul-mate"!

This is a 'true story' about how I met my Husband on a dating site on the Internet. It's the unbelievable story behind it that's truly amazing of fate and destiny!

Years ago I used to hang out at a bar called Club Palomino when a band called “ Cheyenne ” played, because I was crazy about the guitarist. I’d drag my friends along and dance, making eyes up at him the whole time. I was trying to work up the courage to talk to the guy, but he was always with this one blonde girl, so I constantly chickened out. The club eventually closed down, and that era kind of came to an end.

A few years later I got married, which was a mistake, and ended in divorce. When I wanted to get back into the romantic market, a friend told me I should try internet dating. I went out with a few men, but didn’t click with any of them, and sort of gave up. Then one day I got an email from an interesting guy; we starting talking regularly online and found that we had a lot in common. I told him I used to hang out at Club Palomino about fifteen years ago, and he said his band used to play there. I was like, “Yeah, right,” so he sent me a photo titled, “ Cheyenne ”. I freaked! This was the guitarist from my favourite band!

We decided to meet up, and the minute we saw each other we just started laughing. He remembered watching me dancing at the club when he was onstage. It was a strange sensation to be on a date with someone I’d had such a huge crush on when I was younger – exciting and familiar at the same time.

Turns out he had been married to the blonde girl for eight years, but they went through a brutal divorce. He told me that she was “bad news” and that I should have approached him the first time I saw him at the club. It’s funny how life is – I guess it just wasn’t meant to be back then. We’ve been together since 2003, and got married in 2009. Life is great; we’re always laughing and playing music together.

The cherry on top of this amazing coincidence? We unknowingly bought an apartment opposite the online dating site’s office. The stars have definitely aligned!

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