Barb - Hospice Nurse

by Ginny
(Manawa, WI USA)

Barb - Hospice Nurse and Hero

Barb - Hospice Nurse and Hero

I have a hero…my niece Barb.

Barb is a hospice nurse in an inpatient hospice facility. I think it truly takes a special person to be able to work in that environment on a daily basis and not lose their compassion and love for people; not become jaded.

One day several months ago, one of my good friends came under Barb’s care. While I was talking with Barb, I was crying (sobbing, actually), feeling sorry for myself because I would be losing a dear friend and would miss him a lot. I remember asking her how could she possibly do this job, how could she keep her sanity?

Her reply to me was, “Aunt Ginny, my job is to make these beautiful souls comfortable in their last days and hours of life, to see that their transition is as pain free as I can possibly make it. This is an honor I don’t take lightly.”

I had never looked at it quite like that. I had always approached hospice care from a friend or family member’s perspective - that of losing a loved one; never from the patient’s perspective.

I realized I was being selfish and was focusing on MY thoughts and feelings (as if I was the one who was suffering terribly) and not my friend’s, who was ultimately the one suffering. I watched her care for not just my friend, but the many other needy patients who were resting just a little easier because she was on duty.

When her 8 hour shift was done, her job wasn't over. She visits those who don't have close family or friends. These patients may only have days or even hours left and Barb takes her patients' care and feelings to heart. I would hope if I were ever in their situation that I would have a kind and caring person like Barb to watch over me!

It’s a humbling day when your niece can teach you a lesson on selfishness by showing you with actions and not words, how to act like a “grown-up”.

Barb is truly an inspiration to me and I am proud to call her family!

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My daughter Hospice Nurse
by: Karen

My daughter is a Hospice Nurse. She just lost a patient. In looking for words of encouragement for her, I found your page. Gave me more insight. I know my daughter has love, compassion, pride. I just didn't realize how much. Makes me prouder of her.

Who me??
by: Anonymous

I am humbled to say that is a kind rendition of who I really am. I love my job and a hospice nurse is truly who I am. People deserve love and care when their life is about to end and they can not change that. I can change the way I am by being there for them and giving them the respect and care they need to transistion to a better place. Ginny, Thanks for the kind words. Humbly your neice Barb

Barb's Mother
by: Joyce

This was just Beautiful...But that is Barb, she always was a very sympathic person, every since she was a child. I am glad to say SHE is our daughter. Thanks Ginny

by: Sheryl Kaczmarek

Ginny,--What a beautiful story, and a great tribute to your neice. I too, am humbled in reading this story.

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