The Mirror

by Gail Clark

Looking into the mirror
I see something different.

A twinkle in my eye
A smile on my face
A glow to my cheek.

The peace and calm and quiet
That I have been asking and praying for
Is seeping into my inner self.

Where I once felt so weak
I now feel much stronger.

This is not a physcial strength
It is an inner strength
I have not felt or known before.

This calm and peace
Is constant
And continues to strengthen me.

Comments for The Mirror

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by: Anonymous

I see myself in this poem.

Beautiful Poem
by: Anonymous

After reading this beautiful poem,
tears came to my eyes as I could feel the inner peace the author was receiving back from looking into the mirror.

Inner Strength
by: Sheryl Kaczmarek

Gail, thank you for this poem. I love the inner strength that you write about. It is within all of us.

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