Rwanda-The culture of acceptance and hope

by David Nkusi
(Huye, Rwanda)

Rwanda-the culture of acceptance and hope
There is always peace,
at the end of the tunnel,
we just have to believe that,
and everything will turn out well.
Twenty years have passed,
and many more years still to come,
everything you put your mind to,
Will be accomplished and you will win.

Past with no hope,
Immersed with violence and ethnicity,
Rwanda was left to waste without the future,
From waste we got glory.
We chose hope over fear,
And lifted our eyes beyond dangers of today,
Hope surfaced again.
We believe that love conquers hate,
we believe in forgiveness,
We believe in generations of peace,
We believe in positive thinking,
Life became easy when was made hard.

We stand now at the right cross of history
Just look forward in your life,
and set your goals each year to come,
God will help you get through anything;
He will show you the way,
And you'll see there's light.

So don't just look back at the past,
but claim it to build the future,
all of your dreams are there for you,
because you are so blessed

Let the past not escape us,
For peace and justice means extending,
A hand to those who reach for,
Freedom whenever they live.

Come walk along with us,
The cultural path into Rwanda’s march towards,
Peace building and Never again,

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