my journey

after 40 years of my life, I look back and see life is such a wonder. I experienced how to live, to laugh, to cry, to stumble and fall ,and to stand up again and face more challenges in life. I have seen death and how to have lost a loved one, i have seen illness and how a very dear person has to go through pain and I have seen birth which is the beginning of new hope and light.

I am a mom to two lovely girls,and I am a wife to a loving husband. To this day I would consider myself as the luckiest because I have a loving family and they are my rock thru difficult times. We might not be wealthy but what matters in life is that we have each other, and that any struggle we face , may it be in glory or despair, we are there for each other.

Thru this journey, I have learned to live life as if it were the last, love while you still can , forgive while there is still time,and be grateful to whatever life brings. Have peace with yourself and others and at the end of each day you can say to yourself, I have no regrets.

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by: Kathy

Beautiful, Thank you

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