If You Believe

by Steve A. Politte
(Old Mines, Missouri, USA)

If You Believe . . . !

If you believe, it’s possible
for dreams to come true
to find a rainbow without rain
if you just believe in you

If you believe . . . it’s possible
to rise above any fear
to find the best in life
and to find a friend who cares

If you believe . . . it’s for certain
that you will find anew each day
the sun shinning so brightly
and friends will venture your way

If you believe, it just might happen
that true love will find your heart
and dwell in you forever
and never from you depart

If you believe that you are special
a unique child from God above
and share that gift with others
You will dwell in so much love.

If you believe that others care
about your pain and your sorrows
take hold the hand of a friend
and you will see a brighter tomorrow.

If you believe in new beginnings
and start each day with a prayer
you will find peace and happiness
that you never thought was even there.

If you believe in yourself
then others will believe in you
and you will never have to wonder
what it is that you should do

If you take the risk of believing
that there’s a better life in store for you
and put your faith in The Master
then life will not subdue you

If you believe that you can accomplish
and hold that belief in high esteem
then any goal that you reach for
won’t just linger as a dream

If you believe you have a purpose
and firmly held in God's caring hands
your heart will love without relenting
if you just believe you can

© Steve A. Politte

Comments for If You Believe

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If you Belief
by: Mercy Boateng

This poem is superb. It has really helped me to belief in myself

Absolutely beautiful!
by: Sheryl Kaczmarek

Steve, this poem is beautiful. I feel that where your beliefs lie, your spirit will follow.

Thank you.

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