~ The Scars of Life ~

by Steve A. Politte
(Old Mines, MIssouri - USA)

From evil’s claws depression come –
so many people live in strife
not knowing how to cope or live –
sometimes burdened by the scars of life.

Everyone must bear their share of pain –
sometimes alone, sometimes not
but no one is really completely lost –
there might be someone they just forgot.

We all carry burdens that are not so light –
and some feel heavier as life goes on
but without a friend standing nearby –
we can feel like life is finished or done.

The scars we live with won’t just go away –
they remain with us wherever we trod
and they can drag us to the ocean’s floor –
if we do not release them to our God.

Some are permanent and will always be –
a reminder of a time when we were lost
but why carry those we can set free –
and be victims to a waste less cost.

Joy and happiness reign supreme –
there is a time when birds do sing
and a time when the sun does shine –
and in soft breezes, chimes do ring.

We make choices every day –
that often come with uncertain stress
those are the scars we do not need –
we can let them go, or they’ll make us less.

Life’s journey has many paths –
we can decide which to take
one of darkness, and stand alone –
or a path with friends, for a better fate.

We can control to much degree –
the kind of life we want to choose
to hold the hand of a friend indeed –
someone who cares, how could we loose?

Joy and pain live side by side –
and both are felt as when they come
we can live the joy in comfort and peace –
or relent to the pain; nothing is won.

If we choose to walk our path alone –
then the scars of life will victory claim
but walk with a friend who cares and loves –
then The Master’s Paradise will always reign!

God clings to His children so close and dear –
the love He gives cannot be compared
we can overcome the scars of life we fear –
when embraced by a friend whose love we share!

© Steve A. Politte

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Never Alone
by: Sheryl Kaczmarek

Thank you for this poem Steve. There is always someone we can turn to, who will lighten our load.

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