by Glenn Johnson
(Tucson, Arizona)

Gone . . .
No time to say farewell

A cruel twist of fate?
The fulfillment of fate?

Remember . . . No one knows hour or day.
No one knows hour or day.

Who’s to say?
Too early?
Too late?
Who’s to say?

Questions like stones dropped deepest ocean.
Questions’ ripples across endless ocean time and space.
Countless calling out of voices
seeking solace of why.

Remember . . . No one knows hour or day.
No one knows hour or day.

Stone’s ripples surface spread . . . ever widening circles.
Memories . . . no questions asked.
Ocean of memories deep as heart can reach.
Acceptance, faith in ocean of memories descends.
Where soul can bathe
in ocean deep memory one forever loved.
Creator of love breathing our breath of love
In the deep
until day
ocean never to return.
Finally, memory’s knowing no shoreline of heart.
The Creator’s eternal love with our loved one forever one be.

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