What I Believe In

by Jeanne Fiedler
(Washington Twp. NJ)

I believe that love conquers hate
I believe in doing right, not wrong
I believe in being empathetic to those in need
I care about humanity and love people
I believe in fighting for peace and justice
I bleieve God loves us all
I believe our purpose in life is to create
I believe our divine creativity can heal us
I believe in reaching higher
I believe in healing and want to learn more about it
I believe in following the laws
I believe in a universe we go to after death
I believe we all will be contained in this universe
I believe in truth, harmony and freedom of thought
I beiive in treating people as kindly as possible
I believe in being non-judgemental
I believe in equality
I believe in softness in communication
I believe in silencing our anger
I believe in looking fear in the face
I believe in forgiveness
I believe all relgions have some truth
I believe in taking care of the lost and forgotten
I believe in reaching out to friends and loved ones
I believe in living life one day at a time
I believe in generations of peace
I believe in positive thinking

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by: Sheryl Kaczmarek

These are beautiful words. I see the highest good for all in this poem.

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